What If Questions Are The Answer!

What If? is a single-panel comic written and illustrated by Oakland artist Brian Brooks.

Three volumes have been published by Smokey’s Tangle.

You can purchase What If books on Amazon at this link here.

$9.95 each

What If? Vol 1 – 3 paperback books. 5×8 in, 126 pages

The first collection of What If? was published in 2012 and collected the comics from 1997-2003 which were first published as small photo-copied zines. What If? volume 2 was published in 2014 followed by Volume 3 in 2015.

Purchase What If? on Amazon: What If? Volume 1 on Amazon (2012), What If? Volume 2 on Amazon (2014), and What If? Volume 3 on Amazon (2015)